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ePortfolios Defined
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Recordings of Webinar Series of ePortfolio Stakeholders addressing the question "What is the ePortfolio Idea?" Click here to select a recording to watch and hear. 

How do you define "eportfolio"?

This page provides some background on the AAEEBL Initiative called "What is an ePortfolio"?  To offer a thought, comment, question or critique, send an email to Trent Batson who is compiling comments on this topic.  This topic is also being explored in the AAEEBL Webinar Series called "Screen Side Chats," regularly scheduled interviews with eportfolio academic leaders and eportfolio technology providers.  See the links on our home page for the upcoming webinars.

We know that the potential of eportfolios to be used as the foundation for a transformed enterprise is ready and waiting.  In other words, we can imagine a broad spectrum of meanings of "eportolio."  We have come to use that term as an umbrella term and within the Community most of us are aware of what that umbrella shelters.

Yet, eportfolio is still widely misunderstood and definitions remain somewhat contested in terms of eportfolio uses, merits and forms.  Some would argue that Linked-In is the only eportfolio space needed at any given time.  Others would say that reflection across curricular and co-curricular contexts builds deeper and more meaningful learning. 

The invitation of this page is for you to define the notion of eportfolio as you understand it.  The challenge will then be to assemble these contributions into somewhat of a definition that would help us explain what an eportfolio is when we're asked, and we know we have been asked and will be asked again.

How can we define eportfolios to include the changes they help educators and learners bring about?  What is the essence of "eportfolio"?  Why are we all so excited by the potential? 

Let's see if we can convey a community consensus that will help us shed light on what an eportfolio might mean.  Is it possible to define eportfolio?  Do give it a try by sending comments to Trent Batson!

One take on defining "eportfolio":

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