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Collection of Trent Batson's Articles
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Trent Batson has been a regular contributor to the publication, Campus Technology.  Here are the collected articles.


Title and Date


 "Who Creates Coherence in the College Experience?" in Campus Technology (3/26/14) From the introduction to the article:

"Higher education leaders are investing in strategies and technologies that can help make the college experience more relevant for a diverse population of students in today's challenging economic and rapidly changing global/societal environment. But it doesn't stop there. CT asked Trent Batson, President of AAEEBL (The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning) what will allow students to make sense of their own education, connect it with their priorities beyond the classroom, and finally put learners in charge of their own learning."

"The Taming of the MOOCs with ePortfolios" in Campus Technology (1/16/13)

From the article:

"The IT revolution that was supposed to transform higher education has failed to materialize, at least in the way we had imagined it. The revolution did occur, but not directly within higher education--instead, it changed the overall nature of work in our culture. And now, higher education seems to be behind the curve, struggling to catch up.

Enter the MOOC--a relatively new buzzword meaning Massive Open Online Course. And it holds hope for many as a way for higher education to "catch up." Indeed, MOOCs could be one way to get ahead of the curve again, or, they could become a yet another material threat to higher education. Here's how to turn this "threat" into something much more positive."

A current scan of the ePortfolio marketplace

"12 Important Trends in the ePortfolio Industry for Education and for Learning,"by Trent Batson (9/19/12)

From the article:

"Campuses are so much moresophisticatedabout ePortfolios now!"
--ePortfolio vendor, September 2012

In the last three months, I talked with a large majority of global ePortfolio industry leaders. I was surprised at how much the industry had changed and how large the scale of implementation is compared to a year ago."

The Wait is Over: The LMS and the ePortfolio Merge to Serve a Culture of Learning, by Trent Batson (5/15/12)

"...the trend now is away from teaching to learning, from learning in an academic course to continuous learning, and from classroom-centric to learning-centric designs; away from tools for the individual learner to social learning, from lecture to activity, from artificial to authentic, and from testing to evidence."

AAEEBL: It's All about Evidence-Based Learning -- Supported by ePortfolios, by Mary Grush, Campus Technology (2/15/12)

"...the key to understanding ePortfolios is realizing that what you're looking at is a supporting technology that opens up an enormous range of potential forevidence-based learning."

The Pulse Podcast by Rodney B. Murray (11/15/11)

In this interview, Trent Batson discusses the eportfolio market and also addresses the various, sometimes conflicting, ways eportfolios are used in education.

A Survey of the Electronic Portfolio Market Sector: Analysis and Surprising Trends, by Trent Batson (10/12/11)

Trent Batson spent several months doing an exhaustive survey of eportoflio platforms and assessing the market. The results of his work were published by Campus Technology.

The Student Portfolio is the New Book: New Practices, Profession and Scholarship, by C. Edward Watson and Trent Batson (2/2/11)

"Nearly half of all U.S. colleges and universities support portfolios to one degree or another: Portfolios are reaching critical mass and are at take-off stage. They are in many ways the new book--at the core of the learning enterprise as the most appropriate and productive learning space in this post-Web 2.0 era."

The Myth of eLearning: There Is No 'There' There, by Trent Batson(1/19/11)

Information technology on campus has taught faculty some valuable lessons and has dramatically altered the way we teach and think about learning. For example, "learning is not content, we now know, and learning is not delivery of content."

Review of Portfolios in Higher Education: A Flowering of Inquiry and Inventiveness in the Trenches, by Trent Batson (12/1/10)

"Preliminary report on the current status of global portfolios, the development of a new portfolio-inspired field of inquiry, and the surprising variety of uses academics are discovering for portfolio technology."

Not Your Grandfather's Blackboard, by Trent Batson (1/5/11)

Conversation w/ BB's CEO Ray Henderson about new Blackboard focus.

Reviewers Unhappy with Portfolio "Stuff" Demand Evidence(10/6/10)

"To build an evidence-based learning process, and to therefore make portfolio collections more than just "stuff,” courses must be designed to include essential questions that students gather evidence about."

ePortfolios, Finally! (4/7/10)

"Behind this market upswing is the return of academia to the learning values of portfolios based on a recognition that portfolio theory is a good guide for transformation of the academic side of the institution...."

A Profoundly Disruptive Technology, by Trent Batson (7/28/10)

"The technology is ePortfolios, and, because it is profoundly disruptive, few people understand what it does or how best to use it. This technology anticipates the learning and education models of the coming decades."

Student-Centered Learning: Target or Locus for Universities?by Trent Batson (8/25/10)

"...our modern discussions of 'student-centered learning' are moving into a more strategic realm.

Why ePortfolio is the Tool of the Time and Who is Enaaeebling It by Trent Batson (05/20/09)

Despite shining examples of ePortfolio implementation, a new association (AAEEBL) has formed to support the fledgling movement as it reaches for greater fulfillment.

ePortfolios: Let Me Count the Ways, by Trent Batson (01/06/10)

"At the conceptual level, portfolios are, in essence, a method to improve learning that is appropriate in this digital age."This article discusses how to characterize the words "portfolio" and "electronic portfolio" in today’s context.

As We May Learn: Revisiting Bush, by Trent Batson (02/03/10)

"The irony of Bush’s 1945 article is that it marked not the beginning of a knowledge era, as many have thought for years, but the end of a knowledge era." Was Vannevar Bush merely describing the refinement of the age of print, and what does his essay, "As You May Think," mean to learning in the digital age?

The Higher Education Hedgehog, by Trent Batson (02/16/10)

The hedgehog has figured out a strategy for survival at which it can be the best. What is the hedgehog strategy for colleges and universities as they change from book/paper/print-based institutions to digitally-capable institutions?

Jobs for Graduates in the Knowledge Economy? by Trent Batson (03/03/10)

"It is time to replace classroom experiences with high-impact learning experiences, because right now our curriculum is out of step with the preparation our students need right now, this year, and next year and into the future."


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