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AAEEBL began with these understandings about eportfolios and learning:

  • A learner having her own learning space that she owned and maintained increased her engagement in learning.
  • If that learning space (that is, the eportfolio) persisted over time, between courses and over a college career, the learner could see a coherence in his learning that was less evident in the segmentation of courses.  This persistence allowed for integrative and reflective thinking, the core of advanced thinking. 
  • Learning improves through using eportfolios.  This has been observed and documented on many campuses.
  • The more the eportfolio is valued by the instructor in the course, the more good effects there are.
  • As learning paths become more diverse and personalized, the more important the eportfoiio becomes to capture evidence of learning. 
  • Developing a good eportfolio engages students in the literate practices required in this digital era. 
  • All other eportfolio uses, for institutional assessment, employability, or assessment of prior learning and other purposes are of value only because of the core learning values listed above. 

AAEEBL, the Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning, is a professional association and a U. S. non-profit with members in four countries.  Its goal is to promote portfolio learning as a major way to transform higher education.  Contact us for more information.

Joining AAEEBL

AAEEBL began because of a shared vision among the international eportfolio community that this particular technology had a huge range of uses for learners and educators, many of which could potentially improve learning both in and out of school or college or university. AAEEBL saw eportfolios as not only a technology but as a whole range of new learning interactions that the technology made possible. 

In the 6 years since AAEEBL launched, the Association has gained 125 member institutions and 15 corporate partners.  Institutions are members and individuals at those institutions are then themselves members of AAEEBL.  The process to join AAEEBL as an institution: [below the numbers is an explanation of how to join AAEEBL as an individual.]

  1. Institutional membership is $800 USD per year.  All faculty and staff at that institution then become AAEEBL members and are eligible for AAEEBL member discounts and benefits.
  2. An Institution joins AAEEBL by one person on the campus paying for institutional membership.
  3. That one person then becomes the institutional representative.
  4. To make an institution a member, first register yourself at this site.  By registering, the system then knows what membership rate to charge.  Register as an "individual site participant" if you are from a college or university.  The registration button is on the right side of the home page and other pages.   [Your registration must then be approved by an administrator]
  5. Then, as you login after you have registered, you will see a suggestion to "upgrade your account." If you click on that, you will see the membership option that is open to you -- usually "one-year institutional membership." 
  6. Payment can be made on the site itself by credit card, or a check can be mailed to the address shown on the invoice that is generated when you "upgrade your account."
  7. Or, you can contact Trent Batson and he can create an invoice for membership. He can also answer any questions you have about AAEEBL. 

How to join AAEEBL as an individual:

  1. First, register at this AAEEBL site where the right sidebar says "Register and Log In." 
  2. Once you register, you can "upgrade your account" to the status of member. 
  3. The cost of an individual one-year full membership in AAEEBL is $125 USD. (Your institution can also join at a cost related to how many affiliates at your institution are covered by the institutional membership). 
  4. After you have paid, you will have access to all the resources of the AAEEBL site.  You will also receive significant member discounts at all AAEEBL conferences and you can join AAEEBL working groups. 
  5. Questions?  Contact us.

AAEEBL offers 3 or 4 conferences each year as well as other services such as webinars and publications. 

AAEEBL (“able”), the Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning, serves as a professional association dedicated to supporting educational leaders committed to educational transformation relevant to 21st century learners.  We are best-known for promotion of eportfolios as a high impact practice that encourages learners to reflect on their learning and to learn more deeply as a result of their reflection process.  ePortfolios encourage learners at every level to use digital repositories to collect, curate and provide evidence of their accomplishments.  They serve as an integrative structure that promotes connections and insights among formal educational experiences and life experiences, and therefore learners find value in synthesizing knowledge that is both content- and tacit-based.

AAEEBL’s primary emphasis is on 21st century learning, and that focus became a foundational value when, in 2009, educational leaders conceived of a professional association to underscore the merits of eportfolios in higher education.  These founding leaders cared intensely about improving learning outcomes, and they shared a common experience in eportfolios’ effective impact on educational transformation. While the words “technology” and “eportfolio” don’t appear in our name, that omission was not an oversight since our most significant value from the start has always been aligned with high-impact educational practices that are responsive to the multimodal needs of learners.

AAEEBL brings thought leaders and learners together for sharing knowledge about the emerging and significant field of eportfolio scholarship.  Our gatherings are uniquely appreciated for facilitating informed conversations and for the generous sharing of experiences that serve members, providing them with accessible and readily applicable information.  Our research, initiatives and programmatic activities emerge from member contributions to the field’s theory, research and logistical practices and address the wide range of pedagogical shifts during initial implementation of eportfolios to large-scale systemic rollout at the institutional level.  At each stage, we encourage practitioners to document their own learning through research whether that is informal teacher-research or more deliberately empirical collection of data that demonstrates how eportfolios enhance learner achievement.  

AAEEBL members are at the forefront of critical higher education issues and challenges from instructional innovation and improvement in educational quality to leadership development for teaching and learning and more.  All share a commitment to preparing learners for optimal engagement in the 21st century knowledge economy.  AAEEBL benefits learners at every level from students, instructors and administrators to those on the job market or already in careers.  

Through a number of membership options, AAEEBL includes institutions of higher education that support AAEEBL with membership dues, corporate entities serving the higher education technology market that support AAEEBL as Corporate Partners, individual consultants, and other educational groups sharing an interest in educational transformation.  AAEEBL resources and activities are available to all at the AAEEBL Community Online. 

Our Corporate Partners are informed by ongoing interaction with academics through AAEEBL programs, research and scholarship.  We are somewhat unique as a professional association by including Corporate Partners in programmatic events as presenters on relevant topics of interest to academics.  Thus, AAEEBL serves academic interests by facilitating ongoing dialogue with Corporate Partners.  The outcomes of these conversations advance learner-centered improvements in technology and increase industry’s response through innovation that advances both technological delivery and support for the needs of learners and educators. 

AAEEBL is designated as a tax-exempt, non-profit operating foundation by the USA IRS (Internal Revenue Service) section 501(c)(3). 


We recognize that the term “learner” is more inclusive given its more broad classification.  We believe we are all learners and that eportfolios have the potential to successfully support life-long learning.  For example, eportfolios are currently used in many tenure and promotion processes, effectively replacing the old paper binder method and are also use in corporate settings for documentation of professional development.  

High-impact educational practices were first presented by George Kuh in 2008 as "ways to enhance student engagement and increase student success."  They have been adopted extensively by colleges and universities and can be found listed on a page at the American Association for Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) site.  According to AAC&U vice president and AAEEBL board member Terrel Rhodes, eportfolios deserve recognition as “the quintessential high-impact practice,” since they have the potential to integrate other high-impact practices. (Quote from personal conversations between Rhodes and AAEEBL leaders on several occasions and from his comments made in a number of conference presentations.)

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