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Welcome to the AAEEBL Community Online

Welcome to the AAEEBL Community Online

The AAEEBL community and the eportfolio field are made up of academics leading change in higher education
through their practice, research, and dissemination of ideas. These academics are both working from the ground up
and from the top down. The community is at the center of change on campuses, leading by example and by initiatives.
AAEEBL is not a technology association, as such. Rather, it is an association of academics already adapting to the
digital era, already inventing practices and learning designs based in the reality of information technology as the
default knowledge medium. It is not just looking ahead, it is already there.



Annual Conference 2017

Portland State University

July 24-27

The AAEEBL ePortfolio Review
has published its next issue!

Download V.1, N.2 today!

EPORTFOLIO News. Eportfolio has now been accepted as the eleventh high impact practice. Eportfolios serve many 
functions on campus from assessing student progress toward learning outcomes to supporting the emergent learning
ecology and to helping students get a good job. AAEEBL is one of three professional associations in the global eportfolio
field. We invite you to join AAEEBL to support AAEEBL's work to further the eportfoio idea.


George Kuh Comments:


High Impact Practices
1.     First-Year Seminars and Experiences
2.     Common Intellectual Experiences
3.     Learning Communities
4.     Writing-Intensive Courses
5.     Collaborative Assignments and Projects
6.     Undergraduate Research
7.     Diversity/Global Learning
8.     Service Learning, Community-Based Learning
9.     Internships
10.   Capstone Courses and Projects
11. Eportfolio!


AAEEBL is a non-profit association supported by memberships. The Board of Directors is listed here. 


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